Code of Conduct

In order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for all players, there are a number of rules which must be followed at all times. These can and may be subject to change at any point in time, in which case players will be notified as soon as possible, and players are welcome to seek out the GM in order to appeal any of these, though not during actual game sessions. The GM reserves the right to heed these wishes to the degree deemed best.

Note that a distinction is made between statements made by the player and said player’s character, and that the opinions and beliefs of the character are not automatically assumed to be likewise held by the player.

The consequences of any breach of these rules are to be determined by the GM, keeping in mind circumstances and the intent of the offender, and may include, amongst other things, such things as warnings, probations, summary kicking and sarcasm. Any ruling can be appealed by any player, but the GM retains the final word.

Any player participating in the game is assumed to have read the following rules, and hence cannot claim ignorance thereof.

  1. The GM reserves the right to remove any player from the game at any given time.
  2. The GM can, at any time, make it clear that there is to be no further debate about, or talk of, a given subject. The GM will avoid invoking this rule in most cases, but reserves it in case of one such necessity.
  3. No player is, at any point in time, to deliberately insult or make a personal attack upon another player or the GM. If any player has a greviance with another person, said player is welcome to address it to said person privately, or to the GM, if the prior action is shown to be ineffective, provided that the manner in which such actions are taken is constructive, and made in an attempt to reach a solution.
  4. No player is to make any discriminatory statement of any kind, nor utter any kind of hate-speech. Things falling into this category include, but are not limited to: Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious bigotry and degoratory speech directed at people suffering from physical or mental disabilities.
  5. No player is to interact with another players character in a way with which the latter player has expressively stated major unease or discomfort.
  6. Any player who, excepting situations of emergency or scenarios otherwise outside of the control or said player, cannot make it to a session is to inform the GM of this at least 24 hours before the start of said session. This includes scenarios of only partial attendence.

Code of Conduct

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