All computers are as per ‘Thinking Machines’ in Pyramid #3/37. Computing TL is assumed to be 9.5 for these purposes.

The following samples can be assumed to be readily available for purchase unless otherwise noted, and similar models of other brand names can also be found.

Every computer listed can run 1 program of equal complexity, or 100 of complexity-1, and includes a tiny radio communicator capable of accessing the datalinks, unless otherwise noted.

TL Computer Complexity Terminal Weight Cost LC Note
TL9 IronMind Field-Station 5 Portable Standard 6 lbs $1255 LC4 [1] [2]
TL9 Lieftink Lite 4 Wrist-top Hands-Free 0.011 lbs $115 LC4

[1] +2 to HT and any rolls made to repair or modify this computer and terminal.
[2] -1 to complex, difficult and time-consuming tasks.


Most weaponry found in Ultra-Tech will be accepted, though the GM makes no guarantee of post-creation availability of ammunition, and every sheet will in any case have to be looked over by the GM regardless of content.

Projectile-Based Weaponry:
TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
TL9 Montiel ‘Rakshasa’ Shredder Pistol, 18.5 mm 1d+2 pi- 2 17(30)/470 3/0.5 3×25 10(3) 10 -3 1 $3800 3 [1]

[1] This weapon is powered by a C-cell.

Laser-Based Weaponry:


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